Understanding the Various Types of Roof Ventilation


Right off the bat, roof vent has been tailored by a number of things but technically speaking, roof vents are designed in a way that they will function uniquely by removing the hot and moisture from your attic.

There have been quite a lot of roof ventilation types that you could find and still counting as we progress. Just so you will be able to learn more about it, then might as well read the aspects that we have below.

Box Ventilation

The first type of roof vents that we will be talking about are the box vents. Right off the bat, these also are called the low profile vents, flat vents, turtle vents, louvers, static vents, and the list goes on. What these things are is that they have no moving parts as they are installed over a hole that is cut on the roof. They move in a way as hot air rises to escape.

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Wind Turbines

whirlybird roof ventThe next type of roof vents that we will be talking about are the wind turbines and these basically are wind activated vents.

Also called and tailored as whirlybirds, they have moving parts with the absence of motors, leaving them to rely solely on wing power to have them moving.

Most people will see this as a chef’s hat due to how they are designed in a way to function appropriately.

Power Attic Vents

Another popular type of roof ventilation are power vents or also called Power Attic Vents (PAV). These things have motors to turn large fans so hot and moisture will be blown out from the attic. There basically are a ton of varieties of colors that you could find and there even are others that are installed with thermostat just so the fan can then automatically turn on when it reaches a certain temperature. With that type of setup, surely, you can say that these things require electricity to function.

Ridge Vents

The next type of roof ventilation wind turbines that we will be talking about is the ridge vent. Right off the bat, you can easily see this as a book opened laying down. Furthermore, these things are rather designed in a way that the ridge vent will be installed in the book’s spine. This also is effective in terms of making the house look more attractive.

There basically are still quite a lot more that you could find in the market. However, making adequate research and preparation is the key to ensure that you will get to choose smart solar tech that functions efficiently as per your needs. Get hold of a professional ventilation company and get them to quote you on having your roof ventilated.

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